HSA Meet 10/15/2007

Participants: Nancy, Tryton, Melody, Kia, Thai, Kao, Lee, Twan, Mee, Mai Lor, Feng, Duy, Jennifer, Mai Xia, and Moua

HSA began this meeting with the question “How does the rain make you feel?” Many people loved the rain and others said it made them feel tired. But the rain wasn’t the only thing people were tired of.

A lot of people felt that the previous constitution needed reconstruction because there were many positions last year that were little or no use. So to eliminate that problem we, as a club, decided to remove some positions in order to become more efficient. The treasurer, assistant treasurer, public relations assistant, secretary, vice president, and president position were reformulated to better suit everyone’s’ needs. As a final result, the president and vice president were changed to co-chairs due to the extensive amount of work that both positions shared, secretarial duties were now to be handled by the historian, the public relations position was removed along with both treasurer and treasurer assistant position. In addition, the co-chairs were assigned the responsibilities of treasurer and assistant treasurer.

The newly elected officers came from all ages and backgrounds. Kao, being a second year econ major, felt that he would fix the problems from last year and refuel HSA with the energy he promises to give. The ever-growing, sophisticated Mai Lor stepped up for co-chair as being the first freshman to lead HSA since ever. Mee’s strong background with computers made her the ideal PR. Moua’s passion for film and photography gave him the opportunity to be historian. Both Jenifer and Nancy were a little intimidated at first to be elected ISHE coordinators but with time we believe they will grow confident to lead HSA’s biggest event of the year. And Mai Xia, the future Britney Spears, will show UCSC what our culture is through her groups dance performance in the upcoming school year.

There will be a new facilitator each week chosen by the previous facilitator. SJSU will interview Nancy, Mai Lor, Dina, Moua, and Mee.

Checkout question: Where is your ideal place to go skinny-dipping?
Some people were shy about being seen so they chose to be behind walls. Others wanted to be around wild monkeys, leprechauns, and exotic creatures of all sorts.


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