HSA Meet 10/29/2007

Participants: Duy, Feng, Jennifer, Moua, Mai Lor, Kao, Aimee, Lue, Dina, Lee, Thai, Jackie, Nancy, Mai Xia, Mee, Kia

Check-in Question: If you had any power in the world, what would it be?

Laurent came in to talk about registering for Student of Color Conference Workshop. There is a $5 fee if you register before October 31. After the 31st, it will cost $10. If you did not register yet and would like to register, you can go to the Quarry Plaza any day from 12-4PM to do so.
There was a big discussion on the Bake Sale and if it should take place because of possible rain. Some agreed to go on with the plan; however, some objections were made. Back-up plans for the bake sale were Hmong sausages, Hmong toys, non-perishable foods, etc… Overall, Co-Chair Kao, decided that no matter what the conditions of the weather were, there will be some kind of fundraising taking place before the Winter Quarter.
The biggest issue that came across HSA was the Student of Color Conference workshop. Kia is already in the process in planning a workshop with other HSA members from other UCs. The conflict was that UCSC HSA was not aware of her collaboration which resulted in a decision that had to be made: HSA had to decide if they should do their own workshop or collaborate with Kia’s. HSA decided to make a workshop completely different from Kia’s. HSA’s workshop is structured to focus on Hmong cultural aspects and how it restricts Hmong people from learning effectively in school. Our workshop is planning to be from 2-3:10 PM on both Saturday, November 11 and Sunday, November 12. So be there!

• Lue wanted to be in charge of a gathering between Stanford University, San Jose State University, and UCSC HSA students
• Our Keynote Speaker from ISHE last year, Mr. Cha, has asked HSA to outreach to his students from Grant High School. The two ISHE coordinators will be in charge.

Check-out Questions: If you can go back in history and kill someone, who would you kill?


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