HSA Meet 11/05/2007

Participants: Thai, Feng, Duy, Dina, Lee, Melody, Lue, Mai Lor, Tryton, Mee, and Moua

Check in question: What is the most annoying thing about yourself?

Some reminders for HSA is that we will not be having any bakes sales this quarter due to insufficient planning and unpredictable weather conditions. Hmong toys, key chains, and other cultural playthings are being decided on for fundraising.

The Student of Color conference is coming up soon and HSA has still to decide what to do. There was a debate about whether we should do the workshop or the cultural showcase. With Cao not being present for the meeting, everyone did not know what to do. Almost all members agreed into doing the cultural showcase over the workshop. The main problem we have with SOCC is what we will be doing for it. This would be later discussed during the week.

• Jennifer and Nancy just received the ISHE binder from Kia and are excited to start on it.
• Mai Xia desperately needs more dancers. PLEASE SIGN UP!
• Lue wants to get together with Stanford and San Jose State Hmong students.
• Stanford’s first HSU conference is on Jan 26th . HSA is invited to attend.


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