HSA Meet 11/19/2007

HSA decided to postpone all fundraisers until next quarter due to bad weather and lack of planning. There is currently 75 dollars in our account that will go towards future fundraising events. ISHE coordinators announced that they will target students from Sacramento, and central valley who are either sophomores or juniors. Two exciting fundraising event that they plan is having a small Hmong New Year on the UCSC campus, and having a basketball tournament. Details will be later discussed in upcoming meetings.

Moua is planning to have a screening in the spring quarter but will need to decide on what movie to show. HSA has decided to watch both Hunted Like Animals and Voices of Sorrow during our next few meetings to determine which film fits best for the screening. CEP deadlines as well as research need to be done asap.

HSA, conjoined with Stanford and San Jose State Hmong students, are anticipating on having a get-together sometime soon. Ideas like having a potluck or BBQ are in the air.

Next meeting will be at 7pm in the ERC lounge so that we will have more time to watch the film and discuss.


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