HSA Meet 12/3/2007

Participants: Kao, Lue, Aimee, Nancy, Jen, Mai Xia, Thai, Duy, Mee, Tryton, and Moua

HSA finished watching Voices of Sorrow. An extensive argument about whether both films should be shown flared amongst members. Many people voiced their opinions and concerns about Hunted Like Animals. Some say the film is too explicit and therefore should not be shown to the general public. Majority of HSA says the gruesomeness of the film reflects realism of Hmong in Laos, thereby raising awareness more effectively. The screening is set to be held sometime in spring quarter in the Namaste Lounge. More details will be discussed later.

HSA is reconstructing the mission statement and has asked members to give input on how it should look. Many changes were made and soon our mission statement will be as strong as ever.

3 on 3 basketball for fundraising will be host by HSA with Thai as the coordinator. This event will be looked more into as soon as everyone comes back from break.

No more meetings until we come back from break.

Have a great 3 weeks of doing nothing!


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