HSA Meet 2/1/2008

Participants: Mee, Tryton, Moua, Mai Lor, Thai, Lee, Nancy, Jennifer, Mai Cia, Feng, Dina, Aimee, Lue, and Melody.

– If HSA wishes to participate then we will have to sell 100 tickets, 3 tickets for $1
– Mai Cia and Aimee will be running this event
– We will need volunteers for the planning, the booth, and making food

Sacremento High Outreach:
– Volunteers: Dina, Melody, Lue, Mai Lor, Thai, Kia, Nancy, and Jennifer

Singer High Outreach:
– Aimee has already initiated the plans
– There will be 25-40 students coming on either the 1st or the 8th of March
– Namaste Lounge would be great, but HSA aims to get somewhere cheaper

– ISHE’s new time for meeting is on Fridays from 1:40-3:30pm
– Mai Cia’s dance group will meet Saturday mornings from 11-1pm


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