To Resolve Hmong Overseas

My parents send money every once and a while overseas to Hmong families who need the money. These families include our grandmas, uncles, people who claim they know us, etc… I’m sure most Hmong American family has also given tons of money to those families in need. There is about 42,000 Hmong families sending on average of 500 dollars (rough estimate: contact me if you need how i got these numbers) overseas which totals up to 2 million dollars. They are families born into poverty and every one of those families depend on Hmong Americans to for financial help. So why do we continue to send out so much money to individual families when 2 million dollars can be spent on better causes? Causes like better schools, improving living conditions, and so on can be more beneficial in the long run. Just understand that poverty can’t be fixed overnight. More issues arise when overseas Hmongs (Thailand, Laos, France, and anywhere outside the US) come to the Americas. They are then forced to start over again in this very distant world and adapt to a system that majority of Hmong Americans cannot. Are we REALLY planning on send every last Hmong person to the US and leave no one behind? It seems like every plan we have will backfire on us. So my question to you is… What will it take or us to resolve these issues? If we continue to send money overseas and receive Hmong immigrants, will it be beneficial or problematic?


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  1. Respond to your story “To Resolve Hmong Overseas” You are talking pain of your own poor community. Maybe when you are speaking, you may not even speak with a back bond, you are just talking because you are so ill.
    The trust is that you can not solve a problem in a nation. Let it being, every family send money to save life for their own inmediately family overseas. That is right. Let it be. Stop beaching about it, here in America, you can change if you wnat to change, you can die if you choose to be. Life is at the stage of need not want.
    Next time talk with a back bond.

  2. Response to 1 Free Will
    First of all, I apologize if I unknowingly intruded your emotions. Secondly, I am not speaking in pain of my own poor community but rather our poor community. I’m glad we both understand that poverty amongst Hmong overseas in specific regions cannot come to a solution. But still, you seem uncertain with your attacks arguing “what ifs double situations” (change if you want, die if you choose). My question still remains unanswered: how can we lessen, or even eliminate, the choice of “die if you choose.” Allow me to reinstate my reasoning… We should build rather than flee, not to abandon less fortunate others to bleed. What about the ones left behind? We can’t send our troops here and fight a war over there. We can’t fight a war over there because its illegal to give our money to a leader who can buy guns for them to defend themselves (Exaggeration). We can’t stop genocide because communist wont let us and US has bigger problems to handle. Ultimately, there is no solution. What is your solution? Give me your reasoning.
    …please do not respond with emotion…

  3. How sad that each and every one of us, regardless of one’s status, are ingrain to be selfish. No matter whom you are or where you’re from, your first thought is to you and your love ones.

    In response to the posted reviews: Free will is a great part of being an American but why don’t you take that free will and do something helpful. Why don’t you put your pride and your free will to make a difference. No matter your argument it doesn’t do anything; if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t post it. It’s sorrowful that one Hmong throws out an idea and another trash it. This is why we are where we are.

    No one is willing to help because no one is willing to take that first step.

    And yes when you think about all those money being spend on individuals, while it could be spend to improve the Hmong community it is kind of sad but not everyone see eye to eye. I think the best way is not to trash or disregard the routine we have now but to better it. Changes doesn’t happen over night and it’ll take generation to see improve in the Hmong community but that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying.

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