HSA Meet 4/16/2008

Check-in: If you had to lose one of your five senses, what would it be and why?

Stanford Conference: Are we to take the the HWY17/Caltrain public transportation or shuttle members in 3 to 4 cars? Since the funding didn’t go through, we found it to be cheaper if everyone pitched in gas money and transport with our own cars.

MCF: Collect MCF tickets members have sold. The event will be held at the Oakes lower lawn. We just have to make sure to clean the area neatly after the event is over to ensure its location for future MCF events. Foods will be sticky rice ($30), Hmong sausages ($50), and pepper. We will need: 6 volunteers to cook, rice steamers, and a bbq grill .

ISHE Updates:
ISHE has a t-shirt design created by Thai Thao. Mee will digitalize the design to fit the formats needed in order to make the t-shirts. The ISHE event proposals are due Monday. Students can sign up online at this address. Information packs will be sent to the schools in 2 days.

A reminder for everyone that the “End of the year Banquet” will be on May 31st. Save the date! We planned this to me a semi-formal event as a way of giving nice good-byes to our graduating seniors and 5th years.


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