HSA Meet 4/30/2008

HSA will need 6 volunteers on May 9th for MCF’s food orientation. These 6 people will be responsible for being present at all times during in the food booth during MCF. The 6 volunteers will be Moua, Kao, Mee, Mai Lor, Tryton, and Seng. On May 10th we will need 2 additional people to make the banner. Also, the last day to collect MCF tickets is the next HSA meeting on May 7th. Our goal is to sell $250 dollars worth of tickets.

Feng will be the driver for Aimee to get food and equipment from Fresno. They will be leaving on the weekend of the 17th so anyone who wants to tag along should feel free to contact Aimee.

Our MCF performances will include: Mai Cia’s fabulous dance group, a fashion show displaying our culture, and Thai doing a traditional wedding song. MCF will be one of HSAs most exciting event so make sure you be there!


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  1. who writes these posts anyways? theres something that i need u guys to change for confidential purposes. give me an email or call me.

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