ISHE Meet 10/6/09

The first official meeting of ISHE started at around 6pm and lasted until 8pm on Tuesday, October 6, 2009.  The members present were: Mailor Xiong, Mai Xia Vang, Melody Thaoxaochay, Seng Lee, Cecilia Zaragoza, Maifoua Her, and the two coordinators (of course).

For introductions, we did the usual name, year, major, and college with the check-in question: If you were to die right now, who in this room would you take with you?

Before jumping into logistics, we wanted to ask the core what ISHE meant to them: What is ISHE to you? What is your interpretation of it?

We did a round robin with everyone and as the note taker, I briefly jolted down what I could write since I didn’t have a laptop (sorry for the grammatical errors):

-Trying to recruit people to UCSC

-It’s more than a retreat.  It’s a time and space to know our community better, influence to inspire students for higher education

-Inspiration, scholars

-reaching out to students and showing them the resources available

-higher education, inspire Hmong people

-small time to contribute to our community, it’s different for everyone

-give back to the community, even if it’s small

-it’s an opportunity for the students to go out into the world

-they have role models and now have the knowledge to make an effort to pursue higher education

-the light at the end of the tunnel is there

-inspiration for Hmong students to pursue higher education, not UCSC but any college

-motivates higher education for high school students

-It’s not the end of the world, there are more opportunities beyond high school and there’s more than getting married after school


We then moved on to making our own community agreements.

We had a discussion about the theme for ISHE.  The deadline for the theme is the end of October to the first week of November.  One theme we pulled out was from last year’s: Ib ntsias muag rau yav pem suab (a glance into your future).  We decided to change the theme in the sense that it can be just two or three words or one phrase instead of having the usual three phrases like the past three years.  It can be Hmong or English.  Either one works (if it’s Hmong, we’ll translate it anyways).

For t-shirt designs, the deadline will be February 28.  We decided not to choose the colors until the design is finalized.  Please announce this to anyone you  know!

We all agreed as a core, to have a keynote speaker this year.  The qualifications for a keynote speaker is as followed (as agreed upon by the core): Hmong, has credibility, be relevant to the students, and  have a network.  Please, if you know of anyone, please ask! A keynote speaker for this year’s ISHE is essential!

We want to target Stockton and Modesto this year for ISHE, aiming for 50 students.  The dates  for ISHE is still in the process of being determined.

ISHE meetings are officially every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm.  Location is TBD.

Minutes courtesy of Dina Moua


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