HSA Meet 10/8/09

HSA Meet 10/8/09

Attendees: Thai, Melody, Mai Xia, Crystal, Mai Lor, Oliver, Elizabeth, Donne, Donna, Bao, Becky, Lee Her, Lee Moua, Dina, Seng,

Meeting was held at Donne’s place at FSH because there were no other available venues.

The meeting started at 8:00. Check in question was “If you can be anyone/anything, what would you be and why?” We began with a reintroduction of HSA, its history and why it was created.  Our main goals were to provide a safe space and give back to community.

We established community agreements such as but not limited to: active listening, respect for all perspectives, step up step back, late comers should read agenda in advance, and the safe word for anyone who feels uncomfortable with anything is PINEAPPLE.

HUSA participants in Sacramento on Oct 10 from 9-4 am are Thai, Mai Xia, Donne and Xiong.

We discussed some rough details and plans for the cultural show. It will take place around week 8th of winter quarter, Feb 22-26 around 6-8 or 7-9 pm at Oakes learning center because. Merrill’s is way too big and our expected target is only around 150. The plan for the show will be to incorporate all aspects into one storyline with a strong emphasis on a cultural aspect. It will be about two lovers from different backgrounds, the green and the white. The cultural show planner Lee Her also wanted to incorporate all of the Hmong artifacts that we had used from last year. There would be a main skit that would last around an hour. The choices for the theme of the show were “Hmong at heart,” or “Living in two worlds.” We leaned more towards Hmong at heart. Questions raised were how can we emphasize the difference between green and white hmong within the show?

For food, we agreed on Nam Vaa, Hmong sausages, sticky rice, and stir-fried noodles. Lee mentioned that a Hmong band was willing to come and play for the show, but we have not come to conclusion if they should because of the limits of our budget. As for attire, everyone should bring and wear their Hmong clothes.

Lee’s Deadline to recruit dancers is by October 14 and the first dance practice is to be held on Oct 24.

We are thinking of having a Sports day with Hmong clubs from other schools, preferably from the bay area so it would be easy for them to simply come and go back on the same. Only one college will come at a time. Perhaps we can have barbeque, too. The intended day for this event is Nov 21st. Interested? Mark your calendars, please.

Dina then briefed us with details from the past ISHE meeting.

Lastly, we played Taboo for the rest of the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 10 pm.

HSA will be having a bowling + Denny’s event for all its members tomorrow Oct, 9th at 7 pm.


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