HSA Meet 10/15/09

October 15, 2009

Meeting Minutes

8:00-8:30 PM: Meeting Location problems, we ended up having it at the e^2 conference room

HSA’s Bowling Night:

v  A lot of fun

v  A lot of people came out to hang out

v  Ate pizza instead

Sac’s HUSA Event:

v  A lot of fun

v  Met some interesting people

Cultural Show Budget:

v  Hmong Sausages: we are going to check which place is cheaper and then we’ll decide

v  Proto-J: wants to come for free, but help pay for gas

  • Forthe-Dimension: wants to come with him Proto-J
    • Can play while people are eating
    • Make sure that we can only fund what Proto-J

v  Must put stipulations

v  Lee must contact them ASAP and talk to them about what she really wants

Study Day:

v  Withdraw starts today and ends Nov. 4, 2009

v  October 23, 2009: Mai Xia will email everyone

  • Booking a place
  • Snacks

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