ISHE Meet 10/13/09

October 13, 2009

ISHE Meeting Minutes

  1. Check-In Question: What Hmong food do you want right now?
  2. What is ISHE and coming up with the theme: blurb on agenda
    1. Touch of ISHE according to the core members from last week’s meeting
      1. i.      Defining theme: phrase theme? Or ishe theme?
      2. ii.      Deadline of theme: decide today?
    2. idea of themes: focus of the big picture of what ISHE can be this year
      1. i.      Benefits on college
        1. This focus will be on the good of college such as resources, academics, etc.
      2. ii.      Issues while in college (retention)
        1. This focus will be on the bad of college but teach them about resources, social workshops, etc.
  3. Keynote Speaker
    1. Qualifications: charismatic personality, animated, personality, no robot speakers,
      1. i.      Examples: Senator Mee Moua, Louanne (San Jose), Blong Xiong, Dr. Peter Lee
  4. T-Shirt Designs
    1. Designers/Designs
      1. i.      Mee Cha
      2. ii.      Check with Paulina about paying someone to design the t-shirts
      3. iii.      We can chip in to give the designer something for helping with the design
      4. iv.      Open design up to everyone
      5. v.      Lee will ask McQueen if he wants to do the rough draft t-shirt design and have Mee Cha do it on computer
  5. Workshops
    1. Mandatory Workshops
      1. i.      Financial Aid, Admissions, and EOP (Thai)
    2. Student Workshops
      1. i.      Letting the students pick what workshops they want to go
        1. Have a limited amount of student go
        2. Bad because students might just pick one and go
        3. This may depend on how many workshops we have
      2. ii.      Mandatory for facilitators to attend a workshop so that they know what they’re doing
      3. iii.      Self-Esteem workshop like the one Kia did
        1. Have Edward or Nancy facilitate
      4. iv.      GLTBI Workshop
      5. v.      Benefits after and while in college
        1. Motivation
      6. vi.      Student Panel
        1. Xiong thinks it was amazing and rewarding for the college students
        2. Have Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior
        3. Equal Gender
        4. Each took a turn talking about their experiences in college and it was an open discussion and questions (initiated by volunteers)
        5. Students might be limited with questions because throughout the day they might already have learned about the volunteers.
        6. Setting: sat at the benches at Oakes College and college students sat at the cement area
        7. Nominate: Lee Her, Freshman Girl, Lee Moua or Thai, Kao
      7. vii.      Identity Workshop
        1. Create a line from 0-10 and then put themselves into that group and discuss
      8. viii.      Gender Workshop
        1. Dividing to girls and boys workshop and bring it in together at the end and have a full discussion
  6. Shadowing Classes
    1. Time slot in itinerary
  7. Check-Out Question: When you go back home, what is the first thing you would do?

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