HSA Meet 10/22/09

HSA Minutes

ERC Lounge

October 22, 2009

The meeting started at 8:35 PM

Attendees: Thai, Melody, Mai Foua, Dina, Becky, Choung, Xiong, Lee, Mai Xia, Donne

Check-In Question: What would you do for $5 dollars?

Study Day with Mai Xia in Library Friday 11AM Science Library

Sports Day with San Jose State (November 21, 2009): They are willing to come down here. Relay, sports games (ultimate Frisbee). Food TBA.

Discussion of HSA as an Organization so far and Midpoint Check with Members:

Some of the topics we discussed: How is everyone doing in class, life, etc. Below 2.0 puts you in academic probation. Below 1.0 will get you barred. Withdrawing from a class puts a W in your transcript, but doesn’t lower GPA. Not the best option but better than letting your GPA fall.

Round Robin – How was your week? For those students who feel like they need help with classes, we discusses that there are MSI tutoring, as well as personal contacts who have taken/TAed for those classes.

Concerns with the org: Are we putting enough logistics into the meetings? Our meetings seem quiet and dead. Lee says that he is comfortable around here and feels that Melody and Mai Xia are doing their part. The freshmen shared that they all feel comfortable at our meetings. They say that they like being here, and the only thing keeping them from coming are their busy schedules.

Nov 20th HSA Thanksgiving Potluck Nov 6th Bonding Henry Cowell State Park Hiking and Picnic if weather is good.

Check out question: What would you do right now if the sprinklers just came off and the doors and windows were locked so you cant get out?


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