HSA Meet 10/29/09

HSA Meeting Thursday 10/29/09

ERC Lounge

Meeting started at 8:01 PM

Check in question: What do you want Melody to dress up as for Halloween? Answers include: a sexy devil, Japanese schoolgirl, Yoshi, sexy soccer mom, bird with nothing but feathers

Sacramento New Year – November 28

–          Many schools coming and share one booth to promote higher education

–          Free parking and admissions

–          Who is going? Xiong for sure

HSA social next week on Saturday Nov 7th

–          Picnic/hangout to San Lorenzo river

End of quarter gift exchange – Secret Santa

Sports day/bonding with SF state – Nov 21st

Because last meeting was heavy on logistics, we dedicate today’s meeting on mingling and getting to know everyone.

ISHE highlights

–          Themes, workshop ideas

–          Thai suggested that it would be a good idea for Kia to hold a workshop to address the idea of junior colleges

Upcoming events

–          EOP has a diversity forum to learn more about getting into graduate school – Nov 7th

–          Deadline to sign up is Nov 30th

–          Breakdown MCATs, GREs

–          Isang Himig auditions Nov 2nd to Nov 4th

Because a lot of people might be struggling with classes, we’re going to hold more study hours.

Check out question: What would you be if you could be anything?


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