ISHE Meet 10/20/09

ISHE meeting minutes

  1. Introduction

-Check-in question

  1. Logistics

-Date for ISHE

-April 29 – May 1

  1. Keynote speaker

-Recap on qualifications of keynote speakers

-Pob tsuas Hwj (possible keynote speaker)

-When do you all want to vote for the keynote speaker (pick the one we want to contact with)???

-Top choices: 1st Louanne, 2nd Dr. Peter Lee, 3rd Mee moua, 4th Hua

  1. Workshops

-Who wants to facilitate a workshop?

-You must submit your workshop to Diana or Xiong by email

-Xiong’s workshop, Hmong Indemnity

  1. Dorms for students

-1st choice College Nine and College Ten

-2nd choice Oakes College

-3rd choice College Eight

-4th MAYBE Stevenson College???

  1. Changes in ISHE

-Workshops MUST relate somehow to the THEME

-Everything we do MUST relate back to the theme again

-Tell the student HOW the workshop relates back to the theme

-Mix of students from different High School


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