ISHE Meet 10/3/09

Tuesday November 3, 2009

Start Time:6:48pm

Sara came in to talk about e2 class.

Check in Q’s: what did you guys do for Halloween?

A. Themes:

  1. 1. Write now through higher education
  2. 2. Right now through higher education
  3. 3. Take a hold of your education for a better tomorrow
  4. 4. Grow from yourself
  5. 5. Take one Step at a time
  6. 6. Drift away to a better you via/through higher education / ISHE
  7. 7. The missing pages of your future
  8. 8. The next pages of your future
  9. 9. Liberation/liberate
  10. 10. Surpassing the boundaries
  11. 11. Deconstruction
  12. 12. Transcending the boundaries to the next page
  13. 13. Transcending the boundaries to a better you
  14. 14. Transcending the boundaries



1.Background, sun/farmland: foreground, people farming (mai foua)

2. Collage: Sun in the background and successful people in the foreground (mai foua)

3. jump rope  with girl and boy (ma ixia)

4. combine sun and jump rope  (xiong)


C. Workshop- explanation of a workshop

1. Self Esteem Workshop (from last year)

2. Inspirational Workshop (to go with the self esteem workshop)

3. Financial Aid

4. Admissions

Check out Q’s: how do you feel right now?

End Time: 8:06


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