HSA Meeting Minutes 11/04/09

November 4, 2009

HSA Meeting

Meeting start time: 8:01 @ ERCenter


Members present are: All of the officers, Donna, Maifoua, and Lee Moua


  1. Check in question: What was the best Halloween costume you saw?
  2. HSA social
    1. Move Night @ the girls’ place at 7pm
    2. Thai or Dina will check-out a projector for the movie
    3. Thai can give rides to on campus peeps
  3. San Jose Day
    1. Problems & Complications
      1. Weather
        1. If it rains, we can’t use FSH fields
        2. Conflict with which agenda to go with
        3. Potluck
          1. Everyone should contribute to it
          2. Ideas
            1. Money Pot?
            2. Or bring your own food?
              1. Have food that feeds a certain amt of food: 10 people maximum
              2. Same for snacks, have it enough for about 10
              3. Can choose b or c
              4. Pizza from Costco?
    2. Agenda
      1. First Agenda
        1. Relays and sports
        2. 2nd agenda
          1. Hiking
          2. Capture the flag in the forest
    3. Venues
      1. College 8 Lawn
      2. FSH field
      3. Meder Park
    4. Games
      1. Mixture of chillaxing games because of the girls along with the more active sports
  4. Gift Exchange
    1. $5 minimum, $10 maximum for gifts
    2. Date of Exchange
      1. Potluck
  5. Community Agreements
    1. Melody goes over our rules to remind us
  6. Discussion
    1. Richmond Gang Rapes 15 Year Old girl after Homecoming
      1. Leads into gang violence (lol)
  7. Announcements
    1. Dance Practice
      1. Practice @1pm @ The Ds’ livingroom
    2. ISHE
    3. Transcending the Boundaries



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