ISHE Meet 11/10/09

ISHE Meeting Minutes for 11/10/09

Members present are: Mai Xia, Melody, Lee Her, Bao, Diane, and the coordinators

  1. Check-in Question: What is your guilty pleasure?
  2. Logistics
    1. Workshops
      1. Sara’s Workshop
        1. Xiong really like it and will develop it and will get back to it
      2. Other workshops
        1. Self-Esteem Workshop
          1. Edward & Nancy will collaborate on this
      3. Inspirational Time (multiple workshops)
        1. Have one similar to MC’s range of majors & careers
        2. Have workshops at the farm
          1. Xiong taking the students interested in envs to the farm, Mai Xia can check out cameras for a photography session
      4. Request to have the boring workshops done on the first day
    2. Itinerary
      1. First day

Welcoming – Icebreakers – Family Groups/Orientation – Family activities – Mandatory Workshops – night activity

  1. 2nd day

Tour – Energizer – self esteem – Inspirational workshop – Key note speaker – Bonding activity – energizer #2

  1. 3rd day

Student panel – brunch – mail boxes – closing circle

  1. T-shirt Designs
    1. We spent the rest of the hour coming up with a t-shirt design
      1. T-shirt designs will be posted on the ishe group via facebook



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