HSA Meet 11/12/09

HSA meet 11/12/09

Meeting started at 8:00pm

Attendees: Melody, Mai Xia, Dina, Donne, Donna, Thai, Becky, Oliver, Lee Her

I.             Check in question: What type of underwear would you be?

II.            HSA Potluck

When: Friday 6 – 9 pm

Where: The Village Kitchen

If you wish to give money for food instead of preparing it yourself, contact Melody. Maximum amount is $10.

Food: Fried rice, salt and pepper shrimp, stir fry, turkey and veggie dish, pizza, mashed potatoes, teriyaki chicken.

III.           Fun Day with San Jose

Time: 11am to 12pm

Items in the Agenda include: Introductions, Ice breakekrs, name game, ultimate Frisbee, where the wind blows, capture the flag, lunch, blind dodgeball, amoeba tag game. There are still 20 minutes left before 4:30 pm which is when our guests need to head back.

Venue: Still undecided. Possible choices are FSH playing field, College 8, and Meder Park.

IV.          Secret Santa

Everyone has a secret santa. $5 minimum $10 max. We are exchanging presents during the potluck.

V.            Yvonne, a UCSC graduate student emailed us to ask if she could sit in our meetings. She wants to interview Hmong students regarding her study on 2nd language acquisition programs. We decided that the interviews should be conducted outside the meetings.

VI.          Dina showed us the submissions for ISHE T-shirt design.

VII.         Study sessions

Courtesy calls – those who are studying can call others if they want to study together.

If anyone has a date in mind when they want to study, they can also contact Melody or Mai Xia so they can send a mass email.

VIII.        Dance – Lee

There are five girls dancing. The routine has been changed to the old one, that was danced with Nancy because it was easier.

IX.           Email from Fresno State Hmong Student Association

Mr. Hmong Pageant 2010

Males must be of 16 years and older, never married. $20 application fee waived for Hmong Student Association members.

December 20, 2009

X.            Sandra from CUSN and Student of Color Collective (SOCC)

SOCC made up of students from different organizations. Formed because of recent budget cuts. Conducting surveys to receive feedback from students of color. First SOCC next Friday 4 – 6 pm at Redwood Lounge.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm.




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