ISHE Meet 01/11/10

ISHE Minutes Jan. 11, 2010

  1. Intro
    1. Check-in question
      1. How was your break?
  2. Logistics
    1. T-shirts
      1. Color t-shirt
      2. White
      3. People are confused by it so we’ll digitalize it later
        1. Color combos
        2. Red, white, blue, pink, green, black
        3. Default
        4. Rainbow
          1. Number of shirts
      4. Committee  recommend to decrease the number of t-shirts
    2. Application Overview
      1. Hard copies


  1. Inspirational Workshops
    1. Coordinators talked with all of the facilitators
    2. Mini workshops
      1. Visual and performing arts
      2. Community Studies
      3. Game Design & Computer Science
      4. Science
      5. Change the app for academic interests
      6. Self-esteem
        1. Need to check in and clarify what kind of workshop we want with these facilitators
      7. Hmong Identity
        1. Xiong is still working on it
        2. This workshop is open for suggestions
      8. Mandatory Workshops
        1. Talk to admissions, finaid, and eop to see how late they can do the workshops
        2. Planning on having them all done on the first day (2 hours should be allocated into it)
  2. Logistics
    1. Keynote Speakers
      1. Louanne (lives in SJ)
      2. Dr. Lee (orthodonidist)
      3. Mee Moua (probably and most likely impossible)
      4. Vong (brought up in the meeting..some sort of lawyer)
  3. Discussion Section
    1. We asked the committee various questions
  4. Check-out
    1. Check-out question
      1. How was your first week of school?

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