HSA Meet 01/14/10

Minutes 1/14/10


Melody, Mai Xia, Kao, Mikey, Edward, Nancy, Thai, Lee Her, Becky, Choung, Ricky, Donne, Donna, Xiong

Meeting started at 8:00 pm.

Check in Question: If you were to die, in what scenario would you see yourself dying?

Bonding Activity – Two truths and a lie

Hmong Cultural Show

  • March 5th, 2005
  • Oakes Learning Center
  • Skit – more cultural; centered around six kids in a Hmong family, each with their own issues such as dating outside the family, religious issues, etc. In the end there is one girl who will bind the family together.
  • Question: Do we want the skit to be incorporated into the whole show or keep it as a separate agenda?
  • Theme is “Hmong at Heart” – everyone has individual struggles, but deep down they realize they are Hmong at Heart.
  • No clear ending, but shows the kind of struggles that go on within the Hmong culture.
  • For the show Lee will need farming tools the strap for carrying babies, farming tools, the Hmong flute, shaman stuff (?), Hmong (especially boy) clothing,
  • Mai xia is in charge of banners, Lee is in charge of dance, everyone needs to act.
  • Skit will be around 10 – 12 people. Next week we will sign up for volunteers.

Calendar (events subject to change)

  • Social event Saturday January 23rd at Garden of Eden
  • Pho and movie night Friday Feb 5th
  • Campus hike Saturday March 6th
  • Events will be put up on the google calendar. Please put events and dance practice times there or on the calendars handed out.

Year End Ceremony

  • CEP due next Friday
  • A gift for the members with pictures of people and events would be nice and memorable.
  • Date and Time: Friday May 28th or Saturday May 29th 5 – 10 pm
  • Different location proposed other than conference room D, such as out in the Patio
  • International Food: Sitar (Samosas and Chicken masala), Mei Garden (Grilled Tofu and Veggie Chow Mein), Thai House (Shrimp Pad Thai) Spare ribs. For Vegetarians, fruit salad, spring rolls and Nava. Drinks, tapioca, thai tea, water.


  • AAPIRC wants us to write a short description of our Cultural Show
  • AAPIRC Leadership Mixer Wed January 20th 5 – 7 at ERC
  • APISA Motivation Conference Mixer 6 – 8 pm Redwood Lounge also on the 20th
  • AAPIRC is hosting Yellow Girls, two workshops that deals with feminine issues and a painting session. Yellow Girls literary journal is $10.


  • T-shirts 6 -5 colors
  • Facilitators all confirmed.
  • Keynote speaker LouAnn Moua, chief of staff of several campaigns.

Check out question – What do you see in the dark?

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 pm.


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