HSA Meet 01/21/10

Members present: Kao Xiong, Xay Thao, Mykue Vue, Thai Thao, Mai Xia Vang, Melody Thaoxaochay, Bao Chang, Dina Moua, Lee Her, Becky Xiong, Donne Estipona, Donna Estipona, Derek Emmons, Paul Justiniano, Nancy Vang, Oliver Cruz, and Xiong Lee

  1. Intro
    1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. Logistics
    1. Debrief
      1. Co-chairs goes over the debrief, focusing on our academics by checking up on us (optional for us to tell them or not)
        1. Write your problems/issues/concerns/etc on the survey
          1. Surveys are passed out to every member
    2. (not logistical) Quick intros of everyone (because new people came in 🙂 )
      1. New attendes: Paul & Derek Emmons
    3. (back to logistics..woo hoo) Calendars!
      1. Everyone has a calendar (or should have one) to jolt down
        1. “Pho Night” at the Guys’ Place @ 876 Nobel Drive on the 23rd of Jan.
        2. For movies, bring whatever you want to watch
          1. Add/drop/swap
          2. Jan. 26
            1. Study Nights
            2. Donne & Donna’s at 320 Koshler Way (FSH)
    4. Rehearsals (for the skit)
      1. Sundays (12-till whenever); Fridays (4-8 or 4 till whenever)
    5. Skit
      1. Script is not completely done but roles are already assigned
      2. Already summarized in head what the roles will be like along with the storyline
      3. Roles
        1. Father (Nhia Pao Kang)


  1. Mother (Nhia Pao Kang, Blia Lo

-Mai Xia

  1. Jou (dating a green hmong guy)


  1. Bruce Thao (green bf)


  1. Cheng Kang (religion issue)


  1. KuePheng Kang (rebel)

-Edward (???)

  1. Bee Kang (has a interracial bf)

-Lee Her

  1. Mexican (or Filipino) Boyfriend: Romeo


  1. Jennifer Kang (Identity problem)


  1. Wendy Kang (bridge between the parents and brothers and sisters)


  1. Shaman


  1. Melody’s Round Trip
    1. Feb 6-8
      1. Melody will be making trips in the valley and SAC to pick up any clothes or artifacts for people
      2. Anyone needs Melody to pick up clothes?
  2. Bonding Activity
    1. Who would win in a fight between a Jedi and a wizard?
      1. Once people agreed on theirs, they go to their teams and come up with a list of the opposite of what they chose
    2. Discussion Section
      1. What does the org think of the script? The storyline? The relevance?
      2. What is culture? How do you define it?
        1. Culture is very different from religion, can’t define them both as the same thing
  1. Annoucements
    1. ISHE
      1. Date changed for ISHE to: April 30-May2
    2. SOAR Dinner
      1. RSVP online
      2. Dinner from 6-8 tomorrow night!
    3. CUSN Wonderland
      1. Feb. 10

6-8pm @ Kresge Town Hall

  1. APISA night
  2. APISA reception
  3. APISA forum
    1. March 4
    2. Yell-oh Girls
      1. Sign-up on AAPIRC website
    3. First HSA winter social “Pho & Movie” Social Night
      1. At the guys’ place: 876 Nobel Drive

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

  1. Check-out question
    1. What is the person to your right’s favorite color?

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