HSA Meet 01/28/10

Meeting started at 8:05 pm

Attendees: Mai Xia, Melody, Nancy, Dina, Lee Her, Mai Kou, Sai, Donne, Oliver, Becky, Thai, Xiong,

Check in what is your favorite song?

Cultural Show

  • Lee handed out calendars for the Cultural show
  • Saturday Feb. 6th – Melody is going back home so if anyone needs anything picked up, just let Melody know.
  • Sunday Feb. 7th – Skit should be done and Kao and Thai must have their lines memorized
  • Friday Feb. 12th – Poster backdrops must be done.
  • Sunday Feb. 21st – full run through rehearsals.
  • Thursday March 4th – Cook at the village at 8pm
  • Friday March 5th – SHOWTIME! Call time is 5pm, show starts at 6pm.
  • Bring snacks to rehearsals

Spring Retreat

  • Proposed dates: March 19th – 21st
  • Proposed activities: Camping, beach camping, Great America, Marine world, San Francisco, National Park, Kayaking with opers.


  • Hmong song and lyric game
  • Animal Circle


  • Chancellor’s undergraduate internship program
  • February 3rd AAPIRC Winter reception at ERC
  • E^2 Reception
  • Feb  10 6 pm – CUSN Winter Wonderland Reception
  • Feb 11 6:30 – APISA Night
  • FAFSA deadline March 2

Check out question

  • What song annoys you the most?

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