ISHE Meet 02/08/10

Attendees: Mai Xia Vang, Arthur J. Thomas, and the coordinators

  1. Intro
    1. Check-in Question?
      1. Paper bags or plastics bags?
  2. Logistics
    1. Itinerary Look Over
      1. Suggest giving an ice-breaker before a workshop for the first day
      2. Arthur will have a master list of facilities, classrooms, venues, etc (who to contact and etc) by tomorrow for us to see
      3. For the third day, have some people pack up the luggage during the hmong identity workshop
      4. Have someone in charge of luggage and have the keys to the dorms
    2. Check-up on facilitators
      1. Mai Xia & Crystal’s Workshop
        1. Tour of the Arts Area
        2. Have disposable cameras, one person act and one takes the picture
        3. Have acting incorporated into it
        4. Have a discussion (Q & A) about Visual & Performing Arts majors
      2. Other workshops
        1. Will contact them
      3. Hmong Identity Workshop
        1. Xiong has a general idea of what to do
        2. Will meet up with Lee Her for it
        3. Arthur suggests researching AA/PIRC
        4. Have a community agreement poster prepared beforehand to remind them that this is a safe space and etc
      4. Bonding Activity
        1. Arthur would like to do this
        2. Idea is to have one very similar or exactly like the timeline one from ISHE 2008
    3. Community Agreements
      1. Should be established during family groups activity on the first day
      2. Have groups write down agreements and then present it to the big butcher paper
    4. BU productions
      1. Local t-shirt company
      2. Should get a second quote
      3. Dina will call them tomorrow
  3. Check-out question
    1. Who would you save in a natural disaster, your friend(s) or yourself?

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