HSA Meet 2/11/10

Meeting started at 8:07 PM

Attendees: Mai Xia, Melody, Xiong, Becky, Donne, Donna, Nancy, Chong, Mai Foua

Check in question: If you were a flower, what would you be and why?

Spring Retreat: Wonders of Santa Cruz

List of possible places to go: Mystery Spot, Long Marine Lab, Mission on High Street, Swanton’s Farm, Santa Cruz Art Museum, Pogo Nip, Garden of Eden, Arboretum, Harbor, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Neary Lagoon, Camping on Highway 1 Beach, Picnic at Westlake

Mode of transportation: Bus

Two alternatives will be presented next meeting

Hmong Cultural Show:

–          Skit people have rehearsal Monday 5-7 pm this week.

–          Friday 19th dress rehearsal – bring outfits by this day

–          Only 4 practices left

–          Practices will now be longer hours instead of spread out over more days. Fridays 5-10pm

CSU  Sacramento HSA

–          Accepting auditions for their cultural show

–          April 24th

Nancy shared her experiences and what she learned from her stay in Thailand

–          Hmong people are very discriminated against in Thailand

–          Conditions in refugee camps are terrible

–          We agree that Hmong people need a voice here on campus and in the world

We are interested in possibly hosting a movie screening.


–          FAFSA due March 2nd

–          UCSC Summer School enrolment starts April.

–          Last day to withdraw is next Wednesday

–          APISA Winter reception Feb 25th

–          Self Esteem workshop for HSA during Thursday Feb 25th meeting

Check out question: What would be the first thing you would do if you were given a million dollars?

Meeting adjourned 10: 20 PM


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