HSA Meet 2/25/10

Meeting started at 8:05 PM at the ERC lounge.

Attendees: Melody, Mai Xia, Kao, Dina, Lee Her, Sai, Mai Kou, Becky, Xiong, Nancy, Donne, Donna

Check in question: How did you meet the person to your left?


–          March 19 -21st Friday – Sunday

–          Melody’s Map

Hmong Folktales and Skits

–          The three Yers and the witch who ate everyone

–          The boyfriend who left her girlfriend and got killed by her ghost


–          FAFSA workshop Feb 24th 2010 @ Hahn Conference 201 4 – 7

Cultural Show Rehearsals

–          Friday 5 – 10 PM Women’s Center

–          Bring money for snacks

–          No ISO funding for ISHE until March 7th

–          Self esteem workshop by Nancy and Edward closed HSA space

–          Multi Career Conference Sat Feb 27th 10:30am – 3pm Stevenson Event Center RSVP

–          APISA-puzzle Thurs Feb 25th 6-8pm De Guzman Room Thai Food

–          ISHE facilitators workshop proposals due Feb 28th email to Dina or Xiong

Check out question: What was the last thing you’ve eaten?

Meeting adjourned at 10:08 PM


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