HSA Meet 3/31/10

Venue: Cowell Community Room

Attendees: Melody, Mai Xia, Nancy, Dina, Lee Her, Elizabeth, Becky, Chong, Mai Foua, Donna, Donne, Xiong

Meeting started at 6:10 PM

  • Reminder of community agreements
  • We discussed the role of members in HSA
    • Members of other aspects of HSA are still members of HSA
    • Cultural Show Debrief:
      • Positives:
        • Good Energy during rehearsals and show
        • Support of usually absent members
        • Good turnout
        • Saved by Turo / Good winging it
        • Cooking night
        • Plenty of clothes
        • Hmong sausage
        • Double sided backgrounds
        • In class announcements led to good turnout
        • Dedication of dancers and performers
        • Red room
  • Deltas:
    • More food
    • Crunch time not enough time to eat
    • Professionalism backstage
    • Learn dances sooner
    • Actual Stage
    • Bigger venue
    • Set up before actual event
    • Revise Dance coordinator’s duties
    • Start checklist in the very beginning
    • Better communication with guests
    • Don’t assign major roles to guest performers
    • Backup plans
    • Something different other than a skit
    • Better clothes management
    • Sign up for money contribution
    • Stick to schedules
    • More funding
    • Pep talk before show
    • Cleaning up after
    • Meeting regarding script for input
    • Open up roles not just assign them
    • Be engaged in the script
    • More energizers during rehearsals
    • Punctuality
    • Let Dance coordinator be financial signer
    • Get waiver early so we can put rehearsals instead of meetings
    • ISHE
      • Facilitators need to attend a meeting with Leo on a Monday 5-7 PM.
      • Three weeks from now
      • Itinerary and venues already set
      • Only students from Stockton
      • We need more students. ISHE is now opened up to anyone in Stockton
      • We voted on a shirt design
      • Meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM

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