HSA Meet 4/5/10

Venue: I-Lounge

Meeting started at 7:00 PM

Attendees: Melody, Chong, Maifoua, Becky, Dina, Kao, Thai, Donne, Donna, Lee Her, Edward

Check in Question: What fun thing did you do during Spring Break?

Year End Ceremony

  • Event for graduating HSA-affiliated seniors: Edward, Kao, Mai Xia, Mee, Jennifer
  • Get together, cook food, etc.
  • Funding so far: $200 from CEP. We need $600 more.
  • Food: Cooking ribs, buying Thai food.
  • Venue: Patio area in the ARCenter
  • Senior gifts come out of our pockets. Price TBA.
  • Date:  Friday, June 4th 2010

HSA Social

  • Sunday April 11 at noon
  • Upper Campus Hike
  • Meet at 9/10
  • Bring your own lunch

ISHE Discussion

  • Volunteers relate some of their experiences with past ISHE events.

Check out question:  Whats your favorite class this quarter?

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM


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