ISHE Meet 2/22/10

  1. Check-in question
    1. Nada
  2. Logistics
  3. ISHE budget lag
  4. Deadlines
    1. 28th of this month for everything
      1. Workshop proposals and tshirt finalization
      2. Self-esteem workshop
        1. Animal noises, blindfolded
        2. Overcoming obstacles
        3. Redroom lounge or college 8 redroom or Namaste lounge
    2. T-shirt colors decision
      1. T-shirt color suggestions
        1. Black
        2. White
        3. Colors of the design
          1. Hmong colors
  5. Finaid & Admissions
    1. Xiong talked to them and will update them more as ISHE progresses
    2. Will need to finalize with them asap
  6. High school faculty and staff contacts
    2. Need to check in with Lee Moua
  7. Dorms Reservation
    1. Have a dorm reservation paper of who to contact
      1. C9/C10
      2. Oakes
      3. Stevenson/Cowell
  8. Family Names
    1. Hmong games
    2. Hmong fruits
    3. Stuff you’ll find at the Hmong new years
    4. Hmong utensils and artifacts
    5. Hmong colors
    6. Nature words in Hmong
    7. Hybrid words
      1. For example: orangy (orange and spicy in hmong for the last one)
    8. Folktale characters
    9. Hmong celebrities
    10. Hmong expressions
  9. Driver’s Vehicle
    1. Dina, Nancy, Lee Moua (?), and Thai (?)
  10. Ice-breaker
    1. Name game (index cards where u go to someone and tell them three facts about yourself)
      1. For Friday
      2. For the 2nd day, have the head families come up with the ice-breaker
  11. Head families
    1. Nancy Vang
    2. Mai Xia
      1. Announce this to HSA on Thursday
  12. Closing

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