HSA Meeting 09/27/2010

Attendees: Chong, Mailor, Bao, Naly, Mykhou, Donna, Dina, Nancy, Taylor, Elizabeth, Melody, Oliver, Xay, Mary, Bryant, Kong, Maifoua, Kathy.

Meeting Started at 7:31pm

Check in question:

  • Describe yourself as a food?

Explaining HSA

Fall Quarter:

  • Potluck
  • Fall Retreat
  • Movie Night

Winter Quarter:

  • Pho Night
  • Cultural Show

Spring Quarter:

  • Year End Ceremony
  • Sushi Night
  • ISHE

ISHE (Inspiration for Scholars of a Higher Education)

  • ISHE is a two day program for High School Students who are not seniors. The program is held at University of Santa Cruz Campus.
  • ISHE Meetings: TBA

HSA Officers:

  • Co-Chairs: Chong Moua and Mailor Xiong
  • Co-ISHE Coordinators: Mai Foua and Becky Xiong
  • Dance Coordinator: Elizabeth Yang
  • Public Relations: Oliver Cruz

Bonding Activity:

  • ID Game
  • Hoggy Poggy Game


  • Email your class schedules to ucschsa@gmail.com.


  • Everyone in the meeting voted on having each member donate 5 dollars to the organization if they choose to.
  • The donations are for HSA events.


  • Helping you graduating in time.
  • Provide different academic support.
  • Run and planned by students.
  • Meet new people.
  • Study Jams.
  • Free test supplies when you come to study jams.

*Contact Nancy Vang (209) 670-6775 if you have any questions or if you are looking to be involved.

Freshman Internship

  • There is an internship at the Woman’s Center.
  • There is a BBQ on October 7 which starts at 5 pm and is located at the Woman’s Center.

*Contact Dina Moua (209) 205-8243 if you have any questions about the Internship.

Check out Question:

  • What is your pet Peeve?

Meeting Adjourned at 8:54 pm.


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