HSA Meeting 1/11/11

Attendees: Mykhou. Taylore, Dina, Thai, Mailor, Elizabeth, Maifoua, Becky, Oliver.

Meeting started at 8PM

Location: Ethic Resource Center (ERC Lounge)

Date: January 11, 2011 Tuesday

Check in Question:

What is the weirdest thing you have eaten?

Debrief of Sushi Social


Good amount of people

Good food

Splitting up into different groups

Most of the freshman attended

Thai beating Mr. Kim

Oliver still attended to socialize

Good timing at the begging of the quarter


Be on time

Check for a place that allows separate checks

Better location

Better pictures

More pictures

Little use of karaoke machine

Better service

More group games

Emphasize dress code

Do splitting before ordering

Pricey food choice

Always bring cash to group events

Emphasize bringing cash



-The constitution is going to change in the voting process.  Instead of letting only members that attend majority of the meetings vote, HSA will announce before the General Meeting that there will be a voting during the upcoming meeting. And those that can attend the upcoming meeting will vote at the meeting and others can choose to participate in the vote through email.


When: January 12, 2011 Wednesday

Location: E^2 Conference Room

Time: 7:30-9:30 PM

Volunteer Mixer

When: January 28, 2011 Friday

Location: Porter I-Lounge

Time: 5PM-7PM



Cooking at the Village:

White elephant

Bring different ingredients that all make multiple dishes

Year End Event:

-An event that honors the senior members of HSA.



White rice

Fried rice

Chow fun


Mapo tofu

BBQ ribs


Thai tea

Maifoua papaya salad

Chicken Sautee


Food from Khyber Pass

Chocolate covered strawberries




Garlic bread


Buffalo wings



A new horizon

Butterfly fly away

8 escape


Space bound

Time of my life

The good life

Mus zoo saib

Details in Cultural Show (Marriage and Courting)


-Modern (See what’s changed)

-Struggles within Marriage and Courting

-Different race



-Old couple in Thailand (Modern)

-Wedding Flashback

-Interaction with audience

-Eggroll eating contest

-Gender roles

-Personal narratives/monologues


-Choa Qeej

-Legal aspects: MN

-Hmong Cinderella story

-Bride price

-Price can’t go under $5,000

-Themes (Loving now and then)

-Have a closing memo

-Mini skits with narrator

-Guy meets girl at Hmong New Year

-Chronological 2 skits (Meets at HNY, Dating, Marriage)

-Thai sing at the wedding (Skit)

-Singing is for blessing

-Having 2 meng kongs

Check out Question:

What is your dream job?

Meeting Adjourned 10:08PM



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