HSA Meeting 2/8/2011

Attendees: Mailor, Taylore, Dina, Becky, Bao, Chong, Mykhou, Elizabeth, Xay, Oliver, Kong Yang, Nancy, Donna, Ger Jerry.

Meeting Started at 8:08 PM

Check-In Question

Where would you hide  in the UCSC Campus if two people were trying to kill you?





Date: February 9, 2011 Wednesday

Time: 7:30-9:30PM

Location: E^2 Conference Room


-Public Relations


Pho Night:

Date: February 19, 2011 Saturday

Time: 6PM-10PM

Location: TBA

*Bring a gift under Five Dollars



YEC Brainstorming/Voting


-Royal Blue, Sliver, White


Asian hanging Lanterns

Circle Tables

X-Mas Lights (Outdoors)


ARC Patio

Oakes Lower Lawn

Women Center Yard

Porter Dinning Hall patio

Cowell stairs


Tena Fresca

ERC (Cervantes Velaz.)

Oakes Learning Center

Oakes /Guzman Room


Cultural Show:

-Itinerary and role assignments:

Courting: Ger Jerry, Bao, Kong Yang, Seng, Kathy

House Visit: Bao, Ger Jerry, Kathy, Kong

Parents: Bao (Girl), Ger Jerry (Guy), Donna (Mom)

Late night visits: Bao, Ger Jerry

Bride napping: Maifoua (Girl), Simon (Main guy), Kong Yang (Second main guy)

Bride Price: Xay, Thai, Xiong, Seng/Kong Yang

Story Skit: Chong (Main), Mary/Linda (Mom), Kong Yang (Dad), Oliver (Main)

#1 Flashback

Mary (Mom)

Kong Yang (Dad)

Naly (Green Lady)

Thai (Mekong)



Check-out Question

What is the one thing you notice about the person across from you?

Meeting Ajoured at 10:11 PM



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