HSA General Meeitngs 10/4/11

10/4/11 *Potluck
Time 6:30 PM
• Introduction
• Provide a safe environment
o Community agreement
 Give ideas on what you want to see in the comunity
o Trust-building workshops
o Ice-breakers
o Fun activities
• Inspire the Hmong population
o Culture Show
o Hmong Word of the week
 New Hmong vocab each week
 Bring back all of us to our native tongue
• Community conference
o Retreat for HSA
o Learning through struggles
o Provided lunch and dinner
• Leadership activities
• Fund-raising events
• Volunteer events
• Introductions
• Ice breaker: Simon’s signature move routine
• ISHE slideshow + presentation
o Student organizing and academic resources
• Cultural Show presentation
• Event Coordinator Presentation
o Upcoming social events
• Women’s Center
o Thursday, 10/6/11
o Free waffles!
o 4pm-7pm at women’s center
• EOP announcement
o http://www.ucop.edu/diversityforum/
o Diversity information for students who want to be grad students
o $20 deposit to attend the forum
o Check only!
• Leadership mixer
o 5pm-7pm
o Learn more about AA/PI (Asian American pacific islander)
• OC day
o Outdoor event in Davis
o Hmong orgs will come and collaborate with other students
o Meet other members and network
o Next Saturday, 10/15/11
o Problem with cars!
o Deadline to sign up is this Saturday, 10/8/11
o Seats are limited
• E^2 (engaging education)]
o For interns or coordinators of ISHE
o Apply for a position in E^2
o $11.25 per hour
o Teach classes
o $11.25 per hour
o SIO (student initiated outreach)
o http://www.engagingeducation.org
Meeting adjourned 8:14PM


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