HSA General Meeting 10/11/11

HSA General meeting 10/11/11

Time 6:00

Check in question: Tell us about your best qualities while performing a stretch.

Creation of the community agreements

  • Be respectful
  • Be patient
  • One microphone
  • Step up, step aside
  • Don’t yuk my yum (no putdowns)
  • Confidential
  • Leave it at the door
  • Have a mutual respect*
  • Be open minded
  • Open minded

Safe word possible words (initial round):

  • Scapegoat***
  • Ntsim
  • Salty*****
  • Nplua**
  • Khau khiab************
  • Safe guard***
  • Gardian Angel***
  • Grenade********
  • Sticky rice*
  • Apples to apples***
  • Pickachu*
  • Doh**
  • Jigsaw**
  • Tuj juj**

Final votes:

  • Khau khiab******** ß—————-This is our new community word! J
  • Safegaurd***
  • Grenade*****


OC Day

  • Happening this Saturday! 10/15/11
  • We must leave at 6AM in order to get to Davis by 9 am
  • 11 people are going
  • Meeting at C8 parking lot
  • Cookies….. Donations? 1-2$ :3
  • Attendants must pitch in for gas
  • Please wear USCS or HSA shirts in order to represent your place of origin!


  • Community reception that will be happening on Wednesday 10/12/11
  • From 5:00 to 7:00
  • At Stevenson Event Center
  • Maifoua will be presenting a tidbit about HSA traditional dance at 6:15

The $5 donation

  • All members are asked to donate $5
  • This will be put into the HSA pot and this will be used for a special event that will occur
  • Only members whom have donated will

Cultural Show

  • Large event that happens once a year where HSA shows a large part of our culture
  • This show is traditionally held in winter quarter
  • We are currently writing a script for  potential plays that will be happening
  • Previous culture shows displayed our history of the past Vietnam war
  • Another show was a skit that was focused on a typical Hmong family and the different hardships that they had to experience to their culture
  • Last year, we focused on marriage and traditional courtship; displaying the chronological connections of the very traditional past courting and the new and Americanized courtship of today.
  • Culture show is what WE make of it depending on how we vote for it.
  • It will be housed indoors

Cultural Show Ideas….

  • Incorporate a story aspect
  • Language barrier in skits
  • Political issues and how it impacts and affects us as HMONG
  • Life of a Hmong Student
  • Asian Minority model myth (how the Hmong people do not fit in the ASAIN stereotype)
  • Developing storyline
  • Use a protagonist
  • Show Hmong and American Aspects

and Concepts:

  • Make a short film
  • Fashion Show
  • Journey from Laos to Thailand Contrasting
  • Storyline Skit
  • Documentary
  • Timeline of history

Dance Coordinator Announcements

  • Please perform and tryout Hmong dancing
  • Needed 4 couples(4guys, 4 girls)
  • Great way to show support for HSA
  • New song: “Luag Ntxhi”
  • Perform at various events!
  • Learn about Cultural and Traditional Dances of the Hmong people
  • Great and rich experience
  • Email us Simon Vang, or us if you are interested. J


  • Planning on potential towns to visit
  • Please come to planning committee for ISHE from 2:00 to 4:00
  • Great way to express your ideas in what you want for ISHE
  • Looking for ISHE interns (which looks great on resumes)
  • The deadline for interns have been extended
  • ISHE officers are attending BOD
  • Don’t know what ISHE IS?
  • ISHE stands for Inspiration for Scholars of Higher Education
  • We strive to bring diversity to our campus
  • Contact Bao Vang and/or Bao Chang, or email us for more information

Event Coordinator

Upcoming event: HSA Community Conference Day 11/12/11

  • Happens November 12!
  • Open for everybody
  • It’s a community gathering for all of those who want to and are interested in HSA
  • FREE FOOD will be provided throughout the entire day
  • All HSA members are urged to attend. Fun J
  • Venue is planned on being at the Women’s Center
  • Contact Mykue Vue and Dina moua for directions
  • This is an ALL Day event
  • Event starts at 10AM and will end at 8PM
  • Even though this event

Checkout question: What would you like to improve about yourself?

Meeting adjourned 8:23PM



Lela Lee @ AA/PI

  • Carnival at College 10/9
  • Wensday 5-7PM

E^2 Open house

  • 1-4pm
  • On Thursday 10/13/11
  • Bounce house
  • Free food
  • @ E^2 house

FSA Hallawan Dance troope

  • Wensday, Thursday, Saturday
  • 8PM to 10PM

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