HSA Meeting 2 (1/30/12)

HSA General Meetings 2 (1/30/12)
Attendants: Simon Vue, Bao Vang, Elizabeth Yang, Micheal, Myfoua, Mykhou, Kyle, Tong, Xay, Bao
Chang, Taylore, Chong Moua, Becky Xiong, Tom vang
Check-in Question: What is your favorite Sport? Imitate your favorite move.
Co-chair announcements:
● We as an org have been considered to be a path 3
● Being in path 2 would limit us from doing such events as ISHE and YEC and well as a large scale
Culture show
● Chong has volunteered to become the financial advisor
Luther Burbank Tour
● Tour routes have been successfully mapped
● Information of mapped destination will be online
● Print yourself a page
● Be open minded with the students
● Volunteers may add in their time to make things more fun
● For HSA T-shirts
● But scheduling problems do not allow us to fund for cheaper T-shirts
● You can volunteer for fundraising in order to gain back your money that you paid for the T-shirts
● $10 T-shirts; $5 w/ fundraising
● T-shirt renditions have been finalized
○ Blue or maroon
● Voting finalizing for sleeping venues
○ @oaks and/or Stevenson and/or cowel
● First performance will be March 2
● March 3 Chinese Associations???
● Voting for
● VSA performance will be in April.
Event: Pho night
● Chong has already purchased the ingredients for Pho; please pay Chong in order to have enough
funds for pho that night.
● Good condition presents may be given as a gift
● Location: TBD
● Ladie’s house*********
○ (Bay and King)
● Gentlemen’s house*
● Villiage kitchen*
● Don’t forget about the $5 fee
● Priority goes to people who’ve already paid
● Myfoua and Mykhou and Elizabeth are cooking
● Bring your own Bowls
Culture Show
● Committee Meeting 6pm-7:30pm
● Rehearsals are on Saturday from 2-4PM Kregee 159
● Total Funding’s:
● Cost of Food= $1000
● Cost of Event Center= $580
● Cost of Utensils= $100
● Voting for food
● Meat
○ Lab
○ Beef broccoli
○ Spam masubi
○ Skewers
○ Meat ball sticks
○ Fried chicken
● Both
○ Curry
○ Pad thai
○ Pad seew
○ Chow mein
● Vegetarian
○ Tofu mapo
○ Stir fry veggies
○ Bok choy
● Drinks
○ Coconut juice
○ Apple juice
● Desserts
○ Fried banana
● Given
○ White rice, water , cake, pepper
Hmong 101 (Hmong Language Lesson)
● Dating back to china, the Hmong used to have a written system until the Hmong migrated south.
● 1950’s, French colonized indo-china
● Learned vowels
● a,e,I,u,w,o (ee,oo,ia,ai)
● Learned consonants
● C,d,f,h,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,x,y,z
● Learned tone markers (ci)
● B,j,v,s,ua,g,m,d


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