HSA minutes (3/6/12)

HSA general meetings #10 3/5/12

Attendents: Mykhou Vue, Simon Vue, Tom Vang, Taylore Holguin, Gerjerry Yang, Xay Yang, Kong Yang, Bao Chang, Bao Vang, Maifoua Her, Becky Xiong, Michael Lee, Thong Vang.

Check-in What did you used to do before facebook, myspace, or the internet in general?



  • HSU @ UC Davis
  • Highschool Conference
  • April 14, 2012
  • 12 noon- 1pm (tabling time)
  • 150 people are attending.
  • Deadline of confirmation is March 30th
  • Panling from 2-3pm
  • Send autobiography of HSA
  • Provided transportation
  • Considered a research fair
  • Asking if we can have an opportunity for us to talk about ISHE.


  • HSAB from UC Berkeley are having a potluck @ Berkeley March 10th 11AM
  • HSA from SFSU are having a potluck @ Golden Gate Park 12-6pm March 10th


  • OC day?…..
  • As the 3rd event.


  • Looking over list of volunteers
  • Updating on various things
  • Use a Doodle for next ISHE meetingska
  • Cathy Thao has been contacted
  • Funding proposals
  • Venues have been decided
  • T-shirts are coming along
  • April 13 is deadline for applications
  • Volunteer mixer is April 6
  • Workshops for volunteers by Thursday


  • Last Saturday, Nag tshiab performed for
  • Performers Debriefed
  • VSA performance reviews on the 29th
  • Learning a new song for next quarter

Event Co

  • CEP funding proposals
  • Saving money is not allowed
  • Next week is the last HSA gen meeting for the quarter
  • Announcement for YEC committee
  • T-shirt designs, finalizations, deadline is April 10th
  • No more events for the rest of the year
  • Bonfire for other ORGS to join us.
  • Potential Funding….
  • Continued discussion next meeting

Culture Awareness Coordinator

  • Debrief
  • 134 attendees
  • Lots of major events
  • Positives
  • Decorations
  • Performances
  • Feedback from audience
  • Actors were amazing
  • Fashion show
  • Food was good
  • Spam wasubi*
  • Artifacts
  • Location of artifacts
  • Other Hmong orgs came!
  • Get everyone involved
  • Freshmen
  • Xay Yang*
  • Artifacts
  • Layout of tables
  • Jason Xipng
  • Set up
  • Drivers
  • Mykhou*
  • Invited the provosts
  • Gerjerry****
  • Deltas
  • Have tech crew arrive earlier
  • Pay for one rehearsal
  • Better vegetarian dish
  • Ask HSA orgs for performers
  • Have final discussion on the script
  • Writer should be present during the story
  • Script due by the 2nd rehearsals of Winter Quarter
  • Deadlines
  • Double check the facilities rented
  • Know the venue
  • Have an intern for Cultural show
  • Acknowledge the purpose and meaning of performances ***
  • Distinguished difference between acting/props.
  • Project the voices
  • More main dishes
  • Slideshow


Checkout question: what is your favorite flower?


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