HSA General Meeting (3/12/12)

HSA General Meeting 11 (3/12/2012)

Check-in Question: What will you be doing during spring break?

Attendants: Mykhou Vue, Simon Vue, Tom Vang, Taylore Holguin, Gerjerry Yang, Xay Yang, Kong Yang, Bao Chang, Bao Vang, Maifoua Her, Becky Xiong, Chong Moua, Elizabeth Yang.



  • Hmong music festival
    • Fresno fairgrounds
    • 26 May
    • 12pm-12am
    • Tour @ Davis
      • Table for 1 hour
      • Then participate in other activites
      • Free tours


  • Nominations
  • Family head names
  • Spring Outreach

BOD (Board of Directors)

  • Recommend keynote speakers
  • About the state of the education system
  • Preferably someone who can represent people of color

Event (voting)

  • Camping (3-day weekend) (1)
  • Great America
  • Beach day exclusive (7)
  • Beach day inclusive (3)
  • Sleepover
  • Karaoke in SJ (1)
  • Night Hike (2)
  • Day Hike(2)

Date (voting)

  • April 13th
  • May 18th (winner)
  • May 26th
  • May 27th

Event (final)

  • Beach Day! May 18th


  • Learning a new song
  • Looking for new dancers


  • $215.30 in HSA pot

Cultural Show


  • Party favors
  • Bamboo
  • Apple juice
  • Coconut Juice
  • Adam and Seng recorded videos
  • raffle


  • Detail/clothing consistency
  • Gas card
  • MC’s should practice more

Bonding activity

  • “You have ____________”, or “You are ____________”
  • Make up a story to support this accusation.
  • Then write something crazy and absurd on a piece of paper.
  • Make up a story of what’s in that piece of paper


  • E^2 class applications are Due on Friday March 16th@ E^2 by 2:00pm
    • Turn in at E^2
    • Pick up applications @ E^2
    • E^2 position applications are out
      • Doesn’t hurt to try
      • The Eluise Pickard Smith Gallery
        • Smith gallery is located @ Cowell is by the Cowell fireside lounge.
        • Origami exhibition opening reception
        • 1000 paper cranes
        • Origami fish
        •  Sunday, April 7th until April 8th
        • 2pm-4pm
        • Hangout, contact Mykhou Vue. I ❤ sushi w/ karaoke on Friday, March 16th @7pm

Check-out: What was the Highlight of your winter quarter?


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