HSA General Meetings ~4~

HSA General Meetings ~4~ (4-24-12)

Attendants: Touyee Thao, Mai choua Vang, Mykhou Vue, Simon Vue, Gerjerry Yang, Kong Yang, Maiv fuab hawj, Chong Moua, Xay Yang, Tom Vang, Kong Vue.


Co-chair updates

Spring Retreat

  • May12th
  • 11am-10pm
  • Cervantes from 11am – 5pm
  • College 8 Red room 5pm-10pm
  • Ideas for workshops are welcome


  • Vote to vote?
    • 6 yes
    • 2 no
    • Vote for online votes
      • 6 yes
      • 2 no
      • Dates:
        • May12, 13      2
        • May 19,20      0
        • May12, 20      4
        • May12, 15      0


Beach-bonfire Day

  • May 18th


  • June 2nd
  • Theme is “Heroes of Tomorrow”
  • Colors
    • Red + Black 5
    • Lavendar + Mint 6
    • Venue
      • Cervantes
      • Women’s Center
      • Red room
      • Culture
        • Screening canceled
        • Hmong 101
        • Dance
          • TBD

HSA General Meeting (3/12/12)

HSA General Meeting 11 (3/12/2012)

Check-in Question: What will you be doing during spring break?

Attendants: Mykhou Vue, Simon Vue, Tom Vang, Taylore Holguin, Gerjerry Yang, Xay Yang, Kong Yang, Bao Chang, Bao Vang, Maifoua Her, Becky Xiong, Chong Moua, Elizabeth Yang.



  • Hmong music festival
    • Fresno fairgrounds
    • 26 May
    • 12pm-12am
    • Tour @ Davis
      • Table for 1 hour
      • Then participate in other activites
      • Free tours


  • Nominations
  • Family head names
  • Spring Outreach

BOD (Board of Directors)

  • Recommend keynote speakers
  • About the state of the education system
  • Preferably someone who can represent people of color

Event (voting)

  • Camping (3-day weekend) (1)
  • Great America
  • Beach day exclusive (7)
  • Beach day inclusive (3)
  • Sleepover
  • Karaoke in SJ (1)
  • Night Hike (2)
  • Day Hike(2)

Date (voting)

  • April 13th
  • May 18th (winner)
  • May 26th
  • May 27th

Event (final)

  • Beach Day! May 18th


  • Learning a new song
  • Looking for new dancers


  • $215.30 in HSA pot

Cultural Show


  • Party favors
  • Bamboo
  • Apple juice
  • Coconut Juice
  • Adam and Seng recorded videos
  • raffle


  • Detail/clothing consistency
  • Gas card
  • MC’s should practice more

Bonding activity

  • “You have ____________”, or “You are ____________”
  • Make up a story to support this accusation.
  • Then write something crazy and absurd on a piece of paper.
  • Make up a story of what’s in that piece of paper


  • E^2 class applications are Due on Friday March 16th@ E^2 by 2:00pm
    • Turn in at E^2
    • Pick up applications @ E^2
    • E^2 position applications are out
      • Doesn’t hurt to try
      • The Eluise Pickard Smith Gallery
        • Smith gallery is located @ Cowell is by the Cowell fireside lounge.
        • Origami exhibition opening reception
        • 1000 paper cranes
        • Origami fish
        •  Sunday, April 7th until April 8th
        • 2pm-4pm
        • Hangout, contact Mykhou Vue. I ❤ sushi w/ karaoke on Friday, March 16th @7pm

Check-out: What was the Highlight of your winter quarter?

HSA minutes (3/6/12)

HSA general meetings #10 3/5/12

Attendents: Mykhou Vue, Simon Vue, Tom Vang, Taylore Holguin, Gerjerry Yang, Xay Yang, Kong Yang, Bao Chang, Bao Vang, Maifoua Her, Becky Xiong, Michael Lee, Thong Vang.

Check-in What did you used to do before facebook, myspace, or the internet in general?



  • HSU @ UC Davis
  • Highschool Conference
  • April 14, 2012
  • 12 noon- 1pm (tabling time)
  • 150 people are attending.
  • Deadline of confirmation is March 30th
  • Panling from 2-3pm
  • Send autobiography of HSA
  • Provided transportation
  • Considered a research fair
  • Asking if we can have an opportunity for us to talk about ISHE.


  • HSAB from UC Berkeley are having a potluck @ Berkeley March 10th 11AM
  • HSA from SFSU are having a potluck @ Golden Gate Park 12-6pm March 10th


  • OC day?…..
  • As the 3rd event.


  • Looking over list of volunteers
  • Updating on various things
  • Use a Doodle for next ISHE meetingska
  • Cathy Thao has been contacted
  • Funding proposals
  • Venues have been decided
  • T-shirts are coming along
  • April 13 is deadline for applications
  • Volunteer mixer is April 6
  • Workshops for volunteers by Thursday


  • Last Saturday, Nag tshiab performed for
  • Performers Debriefed
  • VSA performance reviews on the 29th
  • Learning a new song for next quarter

Event Co

  • CEP funding proposals
  • Saving money is not allowed
  • Next week is the last HSA gen meeting for the quarter
  • Announcement for YEC committee
  • T-shirt designs, finalizations, deadline is April 10th
  • No more events for the rest of the year
  • Bonfire for other ORGS to join us.
  • Potential Funding….
  • Continued discussion next meeting

Culture Awareness Coordinator

  • Debrief
  • 134 attendees
  • Lots of major events
  • Positives
  • Decorations
  • Performances
  • Feedback from audience
  • Actors were amazing
  • Fashion show
  • Food was good
  • Spam wasubi*
  • Artifacts
  • Location of artifacts
  • Other Hmong orgs came!
  • Get everyone involved
  • Freshmen
  • Xay Yang*
  • Artifacts
  • Layout of tables
  • Jason Xipng
  • Set up
  • Drivers
  • Mykhou*
  • Invited the provosts
  • Gerjerry****
  • Deltas
  • Have tech crew arrive earlier
  • Pay for one rehearsal
  • Better vegetarian dish
  • Ask HSA orgs for performers
  • Have final discussion on the script
  • Writer should be present during the story
  • Script due by the 2nd rehearsals of Winter Quarter
  • Deadlines
  • Double check the facilities rented
  • Know the venue
  • Have an intern for Cultural show
  • Acknowledge the purpose and meaning of performances ***
  • Distinguished difference between acting/props.
  • Project the voices
  • More main dishes
  • Slideshow


Checkout question: what is your favorite flower?

HSA General Meetings (10-25-11)

HSA General Meetings #4

Meeting Start @ 6:03 PM
Attendees: Chong, Simon, GerJerry, Xiong, Tom, Becky, Taylore, Bao Chang, Bao Vang,
Mykhou, Xay, Addam, Sony, Bangxue
I. Check in Question: What is your favorite Age?
II. Review of the Constitution

– B. Purpose of our Organization
– C. Statements of Responsibility
– D. Membership
– Constitution will be emailed


Parade in SHNY: Nov 2, 9-10Am
Free tickets to HSA participants


Confirmed Cities
Votes will now be only valid during meetings
Voting online delays a lot of information
it is important for members attending to be able to voice their decision
Some members do not have the time to attend meetings
Decision has to be taken into consideration
Doing T-Shirt Ideas
Volunteers are now being accepted for ISHE
Watch over the upcomming students
help with the events
Meetings are located in the E^2 building around Quarry Plaza
BOD update
ISHE is a non-yeald program
It is in jeaopordy of not being able to retain perminant funding
Without ISHE there is no HSA!

Event Coordinator updates

HSA Costume / Potluck Party

When: Saturday October 29th
Time: 6-9PM
Where: Crown Community Louge
Costume contest: dress up plz! 🙂
Potluck: Bring food or drinks, or just pitch in for food and drinks
Mykhou will volunteer to buy things for people whom do not have
Voting for the place on campus (two votes per person)
Kresge Seminar 159*
College 8 Red Room**(backup)
Crown Community Lounge***** (winner)
Guest policy
Does not have to be Student of HSA
Must respect UCSC rules and HSA community agreements
No limit on guests
Bring some form of addition to the potluck
Most original

HSA Community Conference

When:Saturday November 12
Time: 10AM-8PM
Where: Porter I lounge
Lunch and dinner are provided
Fucuses on the Hmong community
Anyone on campus is welcome to come
Maybe flyers will be handed out
Maybe a facebook event will be made
The budget is $391
There will be workshops and activities, spoken word happening at
the conference
Hmong History
Team building
Get to know each other
Open Mic
Spoken Word
Lunch Dinner and Snacks
Hot Dogs
(Pitch in for rice?)
Pad Thai
Pad c-ew
Fried Rice
Kung Pao Chicken
Mongolian Beef
Spam Musubi
Hmong Sausages
Finger Foods
Papaya Salad
Fried Banannas
Ice Cream

Cultural Show Updates

Formation of a committee
Friday, October 28
Above the bay tree bookstore @ Esslelen Nation Conference lounge
Voting on Themes
Txoj Kev Txom Nyem (The road of despair)***** (winner)
Tsuav Ib Tub (Down to one)*
Echoes of the Past**
The Secret War: The Unheard Story of the Hmong**
Voting on Venues
Stevenson Event Center *UNANIMOUS* (Ultimate Winner)
Porter Dining Hall
College 9/10 Multipurpose room
Voting for Dates
Friday, Febuary 24******** (winner)
Friday, March 2**
Voting for Times
6-8** (back-up)
7-9******** (winner)
Dance Coordinator Updates
Total number of Dancers: 8!
Time conflict with Cultural Show Commitee
Currently making another doodle that includes weekends
Fundraising for Hmong Clothes
Cup of Noodles

  • -HSA fundraising events is TBD
  • -E^2 Day Celebration on October 29 from 7-9 at Merrill Cultural Center
  • -Women’s Center Screening Precious on October 26 at Stevenson Fireside Lounge at 7-9
  • -Women’s Center Haunted House on October 28 at Women’s Center4-7
  • -SF State HSA Has Potluck on October 28 6-10 @ SFSU HUM119 (SF State)
    Contact Jack Senthor (President): 530-990-8419

HSA General Meeting 10/11/11

HSA General meeting 10/11/11

Time 6:00

Check in question: Tell us about your best qualities while performing a stretch.

Creation of the community agreements

  • Be respectful
  • Be patient
  • One microphone
  • Step up, step aside
  • Don’t yuk my yum (no putdowns)
  • Confidential
  • Leave it at the door
  • Have a mutual respect*
  • Be open minded
  • Open minded

Safe word possible words (initial round):

  • Scapegoat***
  • Ntsim
  • Salty*****
  • Nplua**
  • Khau khiab************
  • Safe guard***
  • Gardian Angel***
  • Grenade********
  • Sticky rice*
  • Apples to apples***
  • Pickachu*
  • Doh**
  • Jigsaw**
  • Tuj juj**

Final votes:

  • Khau khiab******** ß—————-This is our new community word! J
  • Safegaurd***
  • Grenade*****


OC Day

  • Happening this Saturday! 10/15/11
  • We must leave at 6AM in order to get to Davis by 9 am
  • 11 people are going
  • Meeting at C8 parking lot
  • Cookies….. Donations? 1-2$ :3
  • Attendants must pitch in for gas
  • Please wear USCS or HSA shirts in order to represent your place of origin!


  • Community reception that will be happening on Wednesday 10/12/11
  • From 5:00 to 7:00
  • At Stevenson Event Center
  • Maifoua will be presenting a tidbit about HSA traditional dance at 6:15

The $5 donation

  • All members are asked to donate $5
  • This will be put into the HSA pot and this will be used for a special event that will occur
  • Only members whom have donated will

Cultural Show

  • Large event that happens once a year where HSA shows a large part of our culture
  • This show is traditionally held in winter quarter
  • We are currently writing a script for  potential plays that will be happening
  • Previous culture shows displayed our history of the past Vietnam war
  • Another show was a skit that was focused on a typical Hmong family and the different hardships that they had to experience to their culture
  • Last year, we focused on marriage and traditional courtship; displaying the chronological connections of the very traditional past courting and the new and Americanized courtship of today.
  • Culture show is what WE make of it depending on how we vote for it.
  • It will be housed indoors

Cultural Show Ideas….

  • Incorporate a story aspect
  • Language barrier in skits
  • Political issues and how it impacts and affects us as HMONG
  • Life of a Hmong Student
  • Asian Minority model myth (how the Hmong people do not fit in the ASAIN stereotype)
  • Developing storyline
  • Use a protagonist
  • Show Hmong and American Aspects

and Concepts:

  • Make a short film
  • Fashion Show
  • Journey from Laos to Thailand Contrasting
  • Storyline Skit
  • Documentary
  • Timeline of history

Dance Coordinator Announcements

  • Please perform and tryout Hmong dancing
  • Needed 4 couples(4guys, 4 girls)
  • Great way to show support for HSA
  • New song: “Luag Ntxhi”
  • Perform at various events!
  • Learn about Cultural and Traditional Dances of the Hmong people
  • Great and rich experience
  • Email us Simon Vang, or us if you are interested. J


  • Planning on potential towns to visit
  • Please come to planning committee for ISHE from 2:00 to 4:00
  • Great way to express your ideas in what you want for ISHE
  • Looking for ISHE interns (which looks great on resumes)
  • The deadline for interns have been extended
  • ISHE officers are attending BOD
  • Don’t know what ISHE IS?
  • ISHE stands for Inspiration for Scholars of Higher Education
  • We strive to bring diversity to our campus
  • Contact Bao Vang and/or Bao Chang, or email us for more information

Event Coordinator

Upcoming event: HSA Community Conference Day 11/12/11

  • Happens November 12!
  • Open for everybody
  • It’s a community gathering for all of those who want to and are interested in HSA
  • FREE FOOD will be provided throughout the entire day
  • All HSA members are urged to attend. Fun J
  • Venue is planned on being at the Women’s Center
  • Contact Mykue Vue and Dina moua for directions
  • This is an ALL Day event
  • Event starts at 10AM and will end at 8PM
  • Even though this event

Checkout question: What would you like to improve about yourself?

Meeting adjourned 8:23PM



Lela Lee @ AA/PI

  • Carnival at College 10/9
  • Wensday 5-7PM

E^2 Open house

  • 1-4pm
  • On Thursday 10/13/11
  • Bounce house
  • Free food
  • @ E^2 house

FSA Hallawan Dance troope

  • Wensday, Thursday, Saturday
  • 8PM to 10PM