HSA Meeting 2 (1/30/12)

HSA General Meetings 2 (1/30/12)
Attendants: Simon Vue, Bao Vang, Elizabeth Yang, Micheal, Myfoua, Mykhou, Kyle, Tong, Xay, Bao
Chang, Taylore, Chong Moua, Becky Xiong, Tom vang
Check-in Question: What is your favorite Sport? Imitate your favorite move.
Co-chair announcements:
● We as an org have been considered to be a path 3
● Being in path 2 would limit us from doing such events as ISHE and YEC and well as a large scale
Culture show
● Chong has volunteered to become the financial advisor
Luther Burbank Tour
● Tour routes have been successfully mapped
● Information of mapped destination will be online
● Print yourself a page
● Be open minded with the students
● Volunteers may add in their time to make things more fun
● For HSA T-shirts
● But scheduling problems do not allow us to fund for cheaper T-shirts
● You can volunteer for fundraising in order to gain back your money that you paid for the T-shirts
● $10 T-shirts; $5 w/ fundraising
● T-shirt renditions have been finalized
○ Blue or maroon
● Voting finalizing for sleeping venues
○ @oaks and/or Stevenson and/or cowel
● First performance will be March 2
● March 3 Chinese Associations???
● Voting for
● VSA performance will be in April.
Event: Pho night
● Chong has already purchased the ingredients for Pho; please pay Chong in order to have enough
funds for pho that night.
● Good condition presents may be given as a gift
● Location: TBD
● Ladie’s house*********
○ (Bay and King)
● Gentlemen’s house*
● Villiage kitchen*
● Don’t forget about the $5 fee
● Priority goes to people who’ve already paid
● Myfoua and Mykhou and Elizabeth are cooking
● Bring your own Bowls
Culture Show
● Committee Meeting 6pm-7:30pm
● Rehearsals are on Saturday from 2-4PM Kregee 159
● Total Funding’s:
● Cost of Food= $1000
● Cost of Event Center= $580
● Cost of Utensils= $100
● Voting for food
● Meat
○ Lab
○ Beef broccoli
○ Spam masubi
○ Skewers
○ Meat ball sticks
○ Fried chicken
● Both
○ Curry
○ Pad thai
○ Pad seew
○ Chow mein
● Vegetarian
○ Tofu mapo
○ Stir fry veggies
○ Bok choy
● Drinks
○ Coconut juice
○ Apple juice
● Desserts
○ Fried banana
● Given
○ White rice, water , cake, pepper
Hmong 101 (Hmong Language Lesson)
● Dating back to china, the Hmong used to have a written system until the Hmong migrated south.
● 1950’s, French colonized indo-china
● Learned vowels
● a,e,I,u,w,o (ee,oo,ia,ai)
● Learned consonants
● C,d,f,h,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,x,y,z
● Learned tone markers (ci)
● B,j,v,s,ua,g,m,d


HSA Meeting 1/25/2012

HSA General Meetings 1 (1-23-12)
Attendants: Simon, Chong, Dina, Tom, Xay, Ariel, Kathy x, Naly, Maifoua, Taylore, Mykhou, Bao v, Kong
vue, Kong yang, Gerjerry, Germanium, Thong, Michael.
● Check-in: Describe your Winter Break in one word, and why?
● Hmong 101: Activity
● Acting out Hmong related scenes
● Prep for cultural show
● Donations
● Support HSA with a $5 donation that is basically going to help fund future events and fun
● Donated and you will be allowed to vote on where this money will be allocated towards
● Hmong Leadership from Luther Burbank High School Tour
● HSA is giving a tour for another Hmong org that has found interest of UCSC
● Not HSA funded or run
But we should still abide by the Community agreements
● Accepting and requesting for people to volunteer for the tour
● Agenda will be sent
● 9AM to 2:45PM on Friday
● Evaluations
● Check emails for HSA evaluations
● We would love your input
● Totally anonymous
● Meeting Saturday
● Keynote speaker will be chosen by the end of the month
Hopefully Hmong speaker
● ISHE meeting: Saturday, 4:30-6:30
● 31 applicants already received
● 45 applicants will be allowed total
● Outreaching to Merced soon
● Dance
● Simon Vue is dance coordinator
● Dance practice is becoming successful
● 6-7 dancers available
● Hmong Dance is the face of HSA
● Nag Tshiaj dances at a lot of other org’s culture show
● Event Coordinator
● How many events do we want to do this quarter?
● This was founded out by heads down, 7 up
● Make your own sushi night (5)
● Pho night (13) winner*
● Sleep over (3)
● Sushi/karaoke (3)
● Eating out (1)
● Board game night (0)
● BBQ night (1)
● Day will be held on Friday……
● 2/3 –tour (9)
● 2/10 -V-day (5)
● 2/17 -3day (2)
● 2/24 –before cultural show
● Pho Night
● Please donate $5 at minimum to help fund costs
● Donations: Noodles, Lemongrass, chicken, pot, ginger, onions, chili paste,
● Shopping List: Noodles(medium), tripe, beef paste, peanuts, Vietnamese meatballs, pho
seasonings, oxtails, bones, Rooster sauce, beef, basil, cilantro, bean sprout, hoisin sauce, fish
sauce, meatballs, seasoning sauce, star anise, green union, jalapenos, mint, blk pepper.
● Culture Show
● Event planning
● Assigned roles (talk to Gerjerry if you would like a part)
● Culture show meetings are Tuesday 5:30-7:30 @ Quarry Plaza (Amah Mutsun)
● Rehearsals are Saturdays 2-4PM @ Kresge Seminar 159
● Finalized Flyers are due on Wed Jan 25th
● Moving over from pathway 2 to pathway 3
● Pathway 3 allows us to have more large scale events as compared to Pathway 2
● Financial Representative
● Announcements
● CUIP internship
Work on a project
Take 2 unit class
Deadline = Feb, 16 2012
Requirements: 2 letters of rec. resume/cover letter
● Check-out question: If you were not afraid, what would you do?

HSA General Meeting 5/12/2011

Hmong Student Association

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time: 6-8pm

Attendees: Chong, Mailor, Maifoua, Becky, Mykhou, Xay, Kathy

I. Check-In: If you could bring one character to life from a book, a movie, or a TV show, who would it be?

II. Updates

  • Co-Chairs
    • Sent out maps of where to park and where to pick up/drop off students to Seng Moua (Hmong Women Heritage Association)
    • HSA Debrief/Nominations/Elections on Saturday, May 14th from 11am-5pm and Sunday, May 15th from 11am-3pm
    • SOAR took care of overdraft, but they took it out from the HSA pot.
  • ISHE
    • They are working on Evals and turning it in by May 20th
    • Talk to Marcail about budget
  • Historian
    • PO’s for $200 worth of food in Fresno (picking it up on Saturday, May 21st)
    • YEC
      • Deadline to give Mykhou the $5 for Seniors’ gift and $5 for Members’ gift on Sunday, May 15th
      • We will be cooking at the Village Kitchen on May 28th from 8am-2pm
        • We need people to cover shifts
      • Set up is @ 5pm on May 28th
      • YEC Committee meetings on Tuesdays 6-8pm
      • Song rehearsals for YEC
        • Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
          Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
          Saturday, May 21st, 2011 (Mandatory)
          Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
          Friday, May 27th, 2011 (Mandatory)

III. Discussion: General Vang Pao’s Death

  • How has this affected you, your family, and the Hmong community?
  • Will there be another Hmong leader? If so, how do we decide who the Hmong leader is?

IV. Poem

  • Get into 2 groups and decide whether you want to write a poem, a spoken word, or a song/rap on what we just discussed.
  • Group ONE’s poem
Memories of you fade,
Because you passed away,
Our people scavage pieces of our story,
To sew together the embroidery,
And tell the world of our history,
How our people suffered,
To keep and fight for freedom,
America left and said be gone.
Peb raws koj qab los rau lub teb chaws no,
Nyob tos tab si koj tsis no qab txog koj cov neeg nyob tos.
  • Group TWO’s poem
We are Hmong,
And this is our song,
We lived in the hills,
And got killed,
We were left to die,
And we had to choose sides.
Commies or the US?
Which one is best?
US shook hands with GVP,
Took us to the land of opportunities,
Now he is gone,
We will still stay strong.
V. Announcements/Comments
  • Election Week: May 11th-18th
  • PRIDE: May 21st
  • Multicultural Festival: May 21st
  • Beach/Bonfire/Boardwalk Day: May 22nd
  • AAPIRC Cultural Celebration Night: May 18th

*****Meeting Adjourned

HSA General Meeting 5/5/2011

Hmong Student Association

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time: 6-8pm

Atendees: Chong, Mailor, Mykhou, Xay, Taylore, Kathy, Bao, Naly, Maifoua, Kong Yang

I. Check-In: “Where is your favorite place to study?”

II. Updates

  • Co-Chairs
    • Haven’t heard back from Leo about his email to Anna Jiang
    • HSA Debrief and Nominations
      • Saturday, May 14th, 2011 from 11am-5pm
    • HSA Election Day
      • Sunday, May 15th, 2011 from 11am-3pm
    • Official tour with Seng Moua’s Hmong Women Heritage group
      • Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 10am-2pm
  • ISHE
    • Debrief on Wednesday, May 4th
    • Working on Evals
    • SIO Orientation (next week and following week)
      • recommended for future ISHE Coordinators
      • anyone interested can send out forms now
      • leftover T-shirts
  • Historian
    • YEC
      • RSVP to the event and put down information
      • pitch in $5 for Seniors’ gifts
      • pitch in $5 for Members’ gifts (DOG TAGS)
        • Deadline to pitch in money for Senior gifts and member gifts on May 13th
      • Rehearsals days and times for songs
        • Tuesday, May 10th (7-8pm @ Oakes Lower Lawn)
        • Wednesday, May 11th
        • Tuesday, May 17th (7-8pm)
        • Saturday, May 21st (MANDATORY)
        • Tuesday, May 24th (7-8pm)
        • Friday, May 27th (MANDATORY)
    • Boardwalk/Beach/Bonfire Day
      • Saturday, May 22nd, 2011
      • 3pm-10pm
      • There will be prizes!
      • Meet by the grass by the volleyball courts at Boardwalk
    • CEP for HSA Conference Day
      • For Fall Quarter 2011
      • requested $406

III. Bonding Activity: Category

IV. Announcements/Comments

  • Sherry needs one more interviewee
  • Support 49!
  • Speaker Blowout on Friday, May 6th
    • 6-8:30pm @ Classroom Unit 2
  • Acquire Fest @ Barn place @ 8pm on Friday, May 6th
  • Sushi Night @ Mykhou’s on Friday May 6th
  • DANM (Reception of Friday)
    • Free event @ Digital Media building
    • Mock Academic Review (workshop for barred students)
    • May 9th, 2011 @ Social Sciences 2 Rm 75 from 7-9pm

***Meeting Adjourned***

HSA General Meeting 4/28/11

I. Updates
a. Co-Chairs
-Leo will send out email to Anna Jiang by this week
-Tour with Seng Moua – Hmong Women’s Heritage Association
-Will contact Admissions and E^2 for questions and answers
-Debrief and Election Day
-Debrief and Nominations
Saturday, April 14th, 2011 from 11am-5pm
-Election Day
Sunday, May 15th, 2011 from 11am-3pm
-ISHE is this weekend!
-Volunteers will receive ISHE T-shirts on Wednesday if you attend
-Going over the whole itinerary on Wednesday
c. Historian
-Village kitchen is booked on Saturday, May 28th from 8am-2pm
-Boardwalk/ Beach/ Bonfire on Sunday, May 22nd
-YEC Committee meetings on Tuesdays 6-8pm